4th of July – What Does It Really Mean?

Happy 4th of July, America!

To the members of our military, have a safe and wonderful holiday. Also, to our other service providers: our police officers, fire fighters, doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, and others – we thank you!

When you think of this national holiday, many think fireworks. Fireworks for many represent the celebration of this great day; however, let us takJuly 4the a moment to ponder the true meaning of July 4th.

Historians can tell you a lot about the chronological path that led to America’s independence. Educational institutions from the public school systems to the tertiary level systems expose us to the timeline leading up to today’s celebration. Many immigrants learn about this holiday through studying to take the test prior to becoming a citizen.

What is the true meaning of  ‘independence’ and ‘citizenship’? What does this holiday really mean to you? What is the level of our civic pride? Do we have a moral compass? Why does the United States continue to be a ‘beacon of hope’ for millions around the world?

When we think on these things this holiday cannot just stand for fireworks. It must place us at the crossroad of history, present day, and the future. It must stand for a greater vision of a better America, and the world. It must stand for growth and prosperity in all areas of this country, its citizens and the economy.

No longer can this holiday primarily be represented by ‘fireworks’, however beautiful they may be. The point is we, like the fireworks, must shine bright. We must continue to be the ‘hope’ for a better tomorrow. We must take care of each other, not just ‘me, myself and I’.

To all celebrating this beautiful day, take the time to learn and understand the history of America and the role we, individually and collectively, must play in its future.

Have a safe 4th of July.

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