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“The fear of success is just as debilitating as the fear of failure. Do not let either one hold you back.” ~Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

Karlene Sinclair-Robinson is an entrepreneur. However, this does not truly define her. She is a teacher at heart! When there are problems, she finds solutions, and that is Karlene’s mantra. She felt breaking into the entrepreneurial world would seem like a breeze. However, Karlene soon discovered that none of her previous work-life experiences could truly have prepared her for this journey. She started out over 10 years ago and failed at her first 2 start-ups.

With a background in business management, home healthcare and financing, Karlene spent several years working with small business owners and witnessed their inability to access capital through traditional banks. Nearly all of these struggling business owners were not aware of alternative financing solutions, nor did they understand them, even if they were.

Karlene realized that there was a need for Non-Traditional Banking or Alternative Financing Solutions for businesses that could not qualify through institutional sources. The key is to find a solution to the entrepreneur’s need, implement it and provide proven benefits of said solution. She decided to fill the void by writing this book.

Karlene is the Managing Member of KSR Solutions, LLC, a business consulting firm focused on strategic business solutions, including financing and diversification. She has been successful in assisting numerous clients in accessing millions of dollars through non-traditional financing, even those with less-than-stellar credit. In addition, she teaches entrepreneurship and alternative financing at local small business development centers and community colleges in Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Karlene is married with two children, a son diagnosed with autism and a daughter. She resides in Northern Virginia with her family.

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