Caught in the Business Deer-in-the-Headlight Syndrome?

By Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

I am sure you have heard of the phrase “Deer in the headlight”. When you are caught in this situation, it feels as though you are stuck and have no way out. Business owners might feel trapped in quicksand, slowly sinking. Too often, these entrepreneurs find themselves caught in this position. This could be caused from growth stagnation, financial roadblocks, internal warfare or other negative external factors.

Being able to identify the key obstacles impacting a business will help put it back on track. Staying stuck like the deer is no way to get out of the avalanche of issues that could hit you. Realizing that you are stuck is vital to getting your legs back under you to move in the right direction. Addressing the needs and issues impacting your company will make a difference, whether you do it single-handled or you reach out for help.

Growth Stagnation

When you encounter growth stagnation, doing nothing is not the answer. If your company is not growing according to your growth projections, you need to identify the problems and figure out ways to fix this issue. Without growth, your company will not achieve the level of success you envisioned. How do you fix this problem? Your answer to this problem can be found in your business niche, reality-based projections, unique marketing solutions and the willingness to step outside your comfort zone.

Financial Roadblocks

When you are hit with financial roadblocks, this is no time to take a back seat. Being afraid to take calculated risks is also another way to be caught in the headlights. Understanding your business, market viability and how to leverage, you can find ways to finance the business through an a-la-carte menu of financing choices. With additions and changes to financing methods, many entrepreneurs can now find multiple solutions to their financial roadblocks.

Internal Warfare

When a business is experiencing internal warfare, such as employee fraud or infighting, the business owner must step up to the plate and resolve these issues. Allowing these issues to fester and effect the company’s bottom-line is unacceptable. Bringing your home life issues to the office is not good for business. Being professional and operating with some backbone when dealing with management or employee issues will make a major difference to how effective your company will function.

Negative External Factors

When market changes impact your business, entrepreneurs must learn to adjust their sails. This is definitely not the time to be caught like the “deer in the headlight”. Market trends, political changes, financial instability, client migration, competition and more, are areas to consider when addressing the negative external factors. Being prepared for these issues and how you prepare for them will be the answer to your business surviving.

Do not get caught in wrong headlights. Be ready for change and learn to deal with them